December 17, 2009

The Guynes Family

Have you ever been in a situation where you met someone who just gets you? Who understands who you are and where you are coming from? This past Summer, I connected with someone like that who just happened to be a part of my youngest son's VBS experience. I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but I knew there was something about her that made me feel right at home. I'm sure it was a huge plus in my book that she loves Sushi as much as I do, maybe even more. A hard working and loving mother and wife, Whitney is the picture of detication. She puts her heart and soul into everything she does.

and if the words "fun family" were in the dictionary as one word....this family's picture would be right next to it.

Dave's the kind of dad that likes to goof off w/the girls all the time. I love that because it reminds me of growing up w/my family. My sister has 3 girls and their dad is very similar. The relationship between a father and daughter is very special and I know someday they will both learn to appreciate the love and humor from him and look for those qualities in a husband. (no Whitney, I'm not marrying them off already).

Sisters, what a unique set. These two are so different, yet balance each other out so perfectly. Anna Grace in 3 words...quiet, sensitive and kind. And Kathryn..woo, what a little spitfire...she is a bundle of energy and comedy. I was in pure girl heaven spending time with these two.

Anna Grace


No family w/three girls has ever been complete w/o lots of love.

It was pure joy spending time with you all and I'm so thankful that you let me into this little niche of time in your family's life. You are all amazing and I'm certain your journey will be filled with many blessings.



December 9, 2009

The Cato Family

How do you even begin to describe a family like this? I could go on and on. I was so blessed when David and Michelle said that they would love to have me capture this time in their family's life. I'm almost positive that when you see how gorgeous this family is, you will understand how easy it was for me to do my job.

This is Michelle...she's fantastic in all facets of her being. Sweet, genuine, a heart of gold, beautiful wife and an awesome mom of THREE!

David is the strength of the family. He is the balance that keeps the household running smoothly. Well as smooth as a family of five can be.

Meet Emma. The greatest thing about being a Big Sister and the only girl is that she gets all the girlie perks of looking fabulous all the time. I couldn't resist her tutu w/her jeans.

This cute Gap looking kid is Kohl. He's everything you'd want a 4 1/2 year old to be. Fun, spunky and full of energy. He was a bit resistant to me taking his photo at first, even though he knew me. But since I have boys of my own, I know the "superhero" language and it wasn't long before he was showing me his great knowledge of all the great SuperHeros.

Yummy is what I think of when I see this face. I could just eat up this baby face. Brayden is all boy, all rugged and doesn't slow down for a moment. He actually pretty much runs every where he goes.

All the Men...

and the BEAUTIFUL women of the house.

Thank you so much for letting me into this little slice of your life. I look forward to many years of watching your family grow and continue to be as beautiful as you already are.


December 4, 2009

Flanagan Family

I absolutely love when a mom tells me that I'm one of the few people that can capture her child in his own element. When I met Natalie I fell in love with her outgoing personality (probably because I'm the same way) but mostly for her heart warming ways. She's encouraging and uplifting. Everything you would want a friend to be. Her cutie pie little boy Dillan just oozes with cuteness. His sweet little voice and those beautiful blue eyes hooked me right away. Her husband is polite and charming and I liked him the first time I met him because he was so layed back. I had the opportunity to finally capture them together as a family. It was a fun, but a very chilly and windy day. They were all troopers in the blustery wind and I'm glad I got the opportunity to spend some time with them. Hope you all enjoyed yourself as well.

you can instantly see the sweet spirit of this incredible woman.

and with her strong husband, there's no stopping this couple.

But seriously, can you just eat up all the cuteness coming from this adorable little man.

Thank you both for allowing me to capture these precious moments in your family's life.



When I had asked Tori and Savannah if they wanted to go with me to take some fun pictures, they had no idea what kind of fun we were going to have. Tori took us to this hidden treasure of an old farm w/tons of possibilities. These are some of the shots we got from that day.


and Tori:

I was extremely excited when both girls suggested this next pose. I think that it is creative and eye catching. If I had a little girl, I would be putting this up in her room.

Thank you girls for a super fun time. I hope that we get to do it again.