January 17, 2010

Simplicity in 2010

Why is simplicity such a hard concept to grasp? Keep it simple, just the basics, are all the things you hear from people who have simplicity in their life. I on the other hand like to complicate everything. Why is that? Simple shouldn't be that hard, that's why it's called Simple!!!! So, besides Balance, this is something I'm striving for in this next year. Now I know we're already half way into the first month of the year, but I've been busy. Making things more simplified in my life. I haven't been ignoring my blog or my readers, I'm setting the stage to make it possible to be more involved. But getting more involved is not simplifying things you say. Well, if there's balance and simplicity in areas of my life that are not normally that way, then I have the time and energy to concentrate on other aspects of my life.

I've been cleaning house. A little "spring cleaning" early. How much stuff do we really need? If you know anything about me, then you know that if I see a great deal, I try to figure out how it can work into my life. Like these bookshelves I have. They were given to me from a friend who was not able to sell them in a garage sale. Did I really "need" them. Well I found a way to need them. I unpacked some books I wanted out, I added more framed pictures and bought some cute decor' to go on top of them. But what's that? Just more to clean, just more stuff to take up space I don't need taken up. So, I've simplified the situation and I'm getting rid of the bookshelves. My office has been rearranged and things are getting put in storage that don't need to be out. Let me tell you, the thrift store is more than happy to see my car load of stuff driving up.

During the past month things have slowed down a bit for A & O Photography, which is ok. It's not important to be busy all the time. It's the beginning of the year. It's been cold here in Georgia. Who wants pictures when it's raining and cold outside? It has given me the opportunity to SIMPLIFY things here behind the scenes. I'm anxiously awaiting for the weather to warm up a bit and to get out there and rock it out with my clients. Valentines Day is coming and soon to follow will be Spring, so I'm certain that when love is in bloom and so are the flowers we can get FIERCE and FABULOUS!!!

I hope that you are all working on your changes for the year. It's encouraging to hear when other people are working right along with you to make things better for themselves and their families as well. And since it's usually more appealing to have a picture with a post, I've added a picture that makes me think of SIMPLICITY.

I took this picture on a little mini vaca hubby and I got to go on last year to a Ritz Carlton Hotel and always wanted to take a picture that looked like this.

Take the time to simplify things in your life.

X X x X