February 8, 2010

The Bridge Is Out!!!

Super Bowl, how many of you watched it? I rarely ever watch the Super Bowl. We all know the commercials are always a big hit. Most of them are HILARIOUS and some of them, well not so much. Yeturday I watched the entire game for the first time in years. We're not really big sports fans and it was very last minute to invite people, but we had some friends over and sat to enjoy the game. The kids had plenty of movies upstairs to keep them entertained and when they heard the adults cracking up because of the commercials, they always came runnin' to see what was so funny. There was one particular commercial that really made more of an impact on me than just a funny commercial to enjoy during the "Big Game". Watch this commercial from Budweiser first before I share my inner most thoughts on this....cause I know you're just dying to know what I think right????


So what do you think about that? Besides it's a great commercial. Did it make you think about working together? Did it make you think, "What if the guy on the second pillar decided he didn't want to be there?" I thought about this and realized that we need people in all aspects of our life alot more than we are willing to admit. What if someone in my family decides they just don't want to contribute anymore. It breaks down somewhere. Or if a wedding coordinator decides she's just going to stick around for the first half and let the rest of the wedding happen on it's own. (This has not happened to me thank goodness) But we all play a very special part in the things we are involved in. And since you are certainly part of something that means YOU are special and important and play a difinitive role somewhere you are needed. Don't forget that, EVER!!! Anyone who knows me, knows I want the world to be a "Happy Place". I'm always telling jokes, or saying funny one-liners to lighten a mood and I'm very passionate about people feeling good about themselves. So I couldn't let this great example pass me by without using it as a parrallel to show people how much they mean. Have a great day and be CONFIDENT that you bring something to the BRIDGE that holds everything together.



Evelyn Perez said...

Girl, this is such a great post and so important to remember!!! Thanks a bunch.